SEO Work Ethics

At Digital Buddha Technologies, we pledge to be sincere and take responsibility for our actions. As a provider of Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to our clients, we uphold the following Code of Ethics as we work to increase our clients’ websites’ rankings, traffic, and conversions as well as their overall return on investment:

1: To the best of our abilities, we will constantly endeavour to improve or maintain the ranks, as well as increase conversions and return on investment for the websites of our clients.
As search engine algorithms change and website technology advance, we’ll continue to stay one step ahead of the curve.

2: We promise to handle every client equally and impartially.
We will act impartially, fairly, and in good faith while providing services to clients in similar fields or industries. We shall take care to allocate the campaign resources of our clients equally. We reserve the right to allocate the accounts to independent SEO account managers and SEO specialists as necessary, maybe for a fee.

3. We won’t set high standards for our clients.
We won’t make irrational promises and will only set fair standards and objectives for our services. When describing the kinds of outcomes that can realistically be anticipated versus those that cannot, we shall be open and honest.

4: We will secure our clients’ anonymity and uphold complete confidentiality.
Without the client’s prior written authorization, we will not disclose information about any client’s business or discuss our SEO work or progress on their website, including any lead information, confidential information, or intellectual property. Additionally, we will make sure that all Thrive employees and contractors have signed explicit non-disclosure agreements guaranteeing the privacy of all client information.

5: We won’t take part in any actions that deliberately damage a client’s reputation or brand.
We shall make an effort to verify that the procedures we employ comply with search engine and directory criteria, and we will never intentionally use procedures or methods that are known to subject websites to penalties or removal from the search engine indexes or directories.

6: We reserve the right to reject business partnerships with entities that can be viewed as controversial or political.
This includes political campaigns, political news outlets, enterprises involved in gambling, drug use, the sale of pornographic or sexually explicit material, and goods or services viewed as advantageous during times of national emergency. This is not a comprehensive list, and we reserve the right to decide if a client is a good fit for our agency at our own discretion.

7: We won’t purposefully disregard search engine policies that have been made public.
We will make an ongoing effort to make sure we are familiar with the search engines’ policies and recommendations. We will take the required steps to guarantee that our client’s site remains in compliance when the regulations and guidelines change in order to prevent any potential breaches.

8: We won’t knowingly disobey any rules of the government.
We shall exercise full diligence to make sure we are not breaking any copyright or trademark restrictions. We make sure that our actions conform to all applicable local, state, national, and international laws and codes of conduct for commercial and Internet operations.

9: We won’t misrepresent the work of others as being our own.
In an effort to prevent any potential plagiarism difficulties, we will make every effort to deliver unique designs and content for each client. We shall only use content created specifically for us by a third party with their express permission.

10: Neither consumers nor search engine crawlers will ever be purposefully duped or misled by us.

We will make every effort to prevent knowingly misrepresenting the client or displaying false information on the client’s behalf in search engine result listings, advertising, or website content.

11: We won’t exaggerate who we are or what we offer.

We will convey all information about our search engine optimization services, procedures, expertise, credentials, training, performance history, resources, and timetables honestly, and we’ll never purposefully mislead our clients about such information.

12: We will offer appropriate conflict resolution mechanisms to all of our clients.

This includes displaying our Customer Support team’s address and phone number so that it is visible on our website.
On request, we will also provide information regarding the jurisdiction in which any legal issues will be resolved.

In order to maintain the success of not just our company but also the prosperity and success of our clients’ enterprises, we, as Search Engine Optimization professionals, solemnly affirm our commitment to upholding the aforementioned SEO Work Ethics.