8 Advantages of SEO for E-Commerce

8 Advantages of SEO for E-Commerce - Digital Buddha Technologies

E-commerce is the online purchase and sale of products and services, as well as the exchange of cash for those goods and services. During the COVID-19 years of 2020 and 2021, the power of e-commerce surged. To stay in business, many brick-and-mortar shops had to move online.

Many firms acknowledged that being an internet business was far superior to being a brick-and-mortar business. There was no real estate rental, your client reach was expanded, and you could quickly change your product listing.

They also learned that because they were online, they need a different marketing plan, as well as SEO assistance.

What is SEO for E-commerce?

There are many parallels between SEO for e-commerce and SEO in general, but there are also specialist practises and unique tactics you may employ to get yourself ranked. Google ranks websites in its SERPs based on the perceived value they will provide to the searcher. What results appear in SERPs are determined by a user’s search intent. This implies that your website and its content must recognise and respond to search intent.

If a user’s search intent is transactional, it means they’re looking for something to buy. As a result, an insightful and instructional blog post might assist them decide on you. If a person has commercial search intent, they are ready to buy and want to locate a product.This is where category and product pages with SEO text come into play to serve that objective and drive visitors to your e-commerce site.

Here are the top 8 advantages of e-commerce:


1. Enhances brand visibility and credibility

People tend to identify your brand with the items and services they seek if it shows at the top of search results on a frequent basis. You could get to the point where visitors go directly to your online store instead of searching for alternatives on Google.

The first step in the marketing funnel is brand recognition. You must target keywords and provide content that answers those higher-level inquiries, such as informative and transactional questions. Your brand’s trust will grow if you can answer someone’s queries about HOW to do something without marketing to them.

2. Produces Consistent and Long-Term Traffic

A sales funnel’s conventional stages are awareness, interest, desire, and action. From how-to articles to product evaluations, content may be generated for every step. When combined with brand reputation, your SEO may bring in a steady stream of clients.

By adopting a multi-faceted SEO approach, with keywords and content aimed towards your audience and their intent, you will boost your brand’s reputation and value in Google’s eyes, which will move you up the SERPs and hence bring in more visitors.

This leads to…

3. Increases sales and returns on investment

Increasing and continuous traffic to your website may automatically lead to greater conversions and sales. With SEO suited to your e-commerce audience and how SEO works in the long run, you’ll spend less money over time to expand your audience.

Increasing conversions with the same investment yields an ever-increasing ROI.

4. Increases your average order value and click through rate (CTR). (AOV)

Good SEO raises the ranking of your website pages in Google SERPs. The higher you are on the list, the more click-throughs you will receive. The first organic result receives 30% more clicks than the others.

The average order value might also rise as you go up the list. Top search results are obtained by Google identifying your authority based on search phrases and search intent. A person’s desire to spend is determined by brand loyalty and awareness, as well as the value they see in what you offer.

Start integrating e-commerce SEO aspects like brand awareness, improved customer experience, and solid content that suits your marketing funnel, and you can see its easy to understand why individuals might start putting more items in their shopping carts each time.

5. Improves the Customer Experience

If a consumer arrives at your website and it does not seem attractive, is difficult to browse, or does not answer their questions, they will leave. Customers will have a negative experience if your website structure is not optimised to load swiftly and neatly. You must optimise your e-commerce website for Google crawling and load speeds. If your website contains the same material as your rivals but is optimised to load quicker and cleaner, it will rank higher.

Conversions and revenues are driven by a positive user experience. Google will notice that your website is producing revenue, marketing/sales leads as a result of this user involvement, which will help you rank higher in Google.

6. Increases remarketing opportunities

Do you accept cookies when you browse the web? These are excellent techniques for marketing to people who have visited your website. E-commerce SEO that works and drives traffic to your website can allow you to place a cookie on their browser, with their consent, of course.

You may then send them follow-up advertising like banner advertisements or via social media.

7. Organic traffic is completely free!

There are several methods for generating free visitors to your website using SEO tactics. Creating high-quality, relevant content, developing backlinks, optimising your website’s structure and navigation, and advertising your website and content on social media platforms are some of the most successful ways to create free traffic through SEO. While content development and SEO tools have an initial cost, you will not have to continue spending money like you would in a PPC campaign where you pay per click.

8. Long-term growth

SEO evolves with time. This implies that the longer you invest in your campaign, the larger the benefits will be. Visits to your online store will rise organically. The number of conversions will increase as well. The variety of information you provide to your clients will expand, allowing you to utilise it for e-books, multi-channel marketing, and other purposes.

Positive client feedback, high-quality content, and a website optimised for Google and user experience offer you with long-term value.

Our SEO Services for E-Commerce


Contact Digital Buddha Technologies if you have an online store built on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento2, or another e-commerce platform. We can provide you with a free e-commerce SEO analysis of your website. You will receive a no-obligation analysis outlining your existing SEO’s strengths and flaws. You are free to take this report and address the problems without hiring us.

Not sure what’s best for you? Contact our experts right away. We’ll work with you to find the best strategy for achieving your marketing objectives.